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Optimized PCB Assemblies: Design Principles for Defense and Avionics

Design Principles for Defense and Avionics

Make sure your PCB assemblies are optimized for flawless performance and mission success.

This white paper tackles the unique challenges of designing and manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for avionics and defense applications. If you're facing issues with:

  • Extreme Environments: High temperatures, vibrations, and rapid temperature swings wreaking havoc on your PCBAs?
  • Miniaturization Demands: Shrinking space and complex high pin-count components causing reliability concerns?
  • Lead-free Integration Challenges: Navigating the transition to lead-free soldering and its impact on performance?
  • EMI/EMC Compliance Hurdles: Struggling to meet stringent electromagnetic interference and compatibility standards?

This white paper is your roadmap to success. Discover proven design principles and best practices to:

  • Optimize thermal management and safeguard functionality in harsh environments.
  • Master miniaturization techniques using advanced HDI PCBAs for superior reliability.
  • Navigate the lead-free transition with confidence and ensure long-term performance.
  • Achieve flawless EMI/EMC compliance for seamless operation without interference.

Stop settling for compromised performance. Download this white paper and gain the insights you need to design and manufacture reliable, high-performing PCBAs that meet the relentless demands of avionics applications.

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What It Is

A guide to designing ultra-reliable circuit boards for avionic and defense applications

Who It's For

Electrical engineers working in these industries

How To Use It

Using this guide, engineers can design high-reliability PCBAs for avionics and defense systems. Following the best practices in the paper, engineers can ensure their PCBAs meet stringent performance and reliability requirements.

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