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Impact of Wearables on PCBA Design: Their Past and Future

PCBA design capabilities are crucial to the future of wearable technology. Wearables and PCBA design are inextricably linked since both have a significant influence on each other. As wearable devices become more popular, electronics designers and manufacturers are designing smaller, denser, and more flexible devices.

This white paper examines how wearables have evolved and how they continue to evolve. Find out more about:

  • The beginnings of wearable technology and the first small wearable devices
  • Material and application breakthroughs in wearable technology
  • Challenges associated with designing wearables
  • Five ways wearable technology has impacted PCBA design
  • Wearable technology's new and emerging markets

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What It Is

A look at wearable technology's impact on PCBA design, and how the wearable market is evolving.

Who It's For

Engineers and Product Managers

How To Use It

Gain a deeper understanding of the wearable industry and how innovations there can influence your PCBA designs for other industries.

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