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Get High-Quality Test & Measurement PCBAs for Your Needs

MacroFab's connected platform eases PCBA sourcing for any order size, with instant quotes and unlimited North American manufacturing capacity.

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Focus on Innovation, Not Production Headaches

MacroFab's innovative, connected platform and North American factory network empower you to develop and manufacture high-quality Test & Measurement equipment efficiently and on your terms. Get started today! Upload your design files and get an instant quote in minutes.

Innovative Test & Measurement Equipment

Requires high-precision, high-frequency PCBAs

But traditional manufacturers often have rigid processes, high minimum order quantities (MOQs), and slow turnaround times for prototypes. This can halt your progress and limit your ability to adapt to market needs. Here’s how MacroFab can help:

We Produce High-Precision PCBAs Efficiently

Get instant quotes, seamless prototyping to production, and upfront pricing for any quantity, all while adhering to strict IPC standards.

We Eliminate Roadblocks in Your Development

No minimum order quantities or surprise fees, along with real-time progress tracking that keeps you informed.

We Maintain Your Signal Integrity

Our expertise in handling high-frequency materials guarantees accurate signal transmission.

We Meet Your Exact Specifications

We can handle controlled impedance requirements for demanding Test & Measurement circuits, with WYSIWYG accuracy from your uploaded files.

We Provide Clear Communication

Work directly with our North American engineers to eliminate communication barriers throughout the development process.


Capabilities Capabilities


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL registered
  • AS9100 certification within our factory network
  • ENIG, ENIPIG, and lead-free HASL surface finishes available
  • Rigid, rigid-flex, single or double-sided PCBAs
  • Multilayer boards up to 36 layers
  • SoP (System on Package), modular hardware, and daughterboards supported
  • Experience with RF boards and wireless technologies
  • HDI capabilities
  • Controlled impedance

Customer Case Studies

Elemental Machines

Elemental machines devices Elemental machines devices

Elemental Machines is the leading technology platform for optimizing laboratory operations servicing research, clinical, diagnostic, and quality control labs around the world. They empower labs with ubiquitous data-driven discovery, development, and diagnostics capabilities, seamlessly linking the physical and digital worlds.

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MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab prioritizes your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our assembly work for one year after manufacture. If you encounter a rare workmanship issue with your boards, we'll fix it free of charge. Our dedicated service team offers clear communication throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Your information remains 100% confidential, keeping your intellectual property secure.

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