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Secure, ITAR-Compliant PCBA Solutions for Telecom

Manufacture your next-generation ITAR-compliant telecom PCBAs quickly and within budget with a North American partner you can trust.

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Focus on Innovation, Not Production Headaches

Don't let PCBA hurdles slow your telecom innovation. MacroFab removes friction and reduces lead times with secure, ITAR-compliant manufacturing in North America. Our powerful connected technology platform keeps you informed every step of the way, while domestic production eliminates supply chain headaches.

From virtual conference systems to wireless access points to smart home devices and infrastructure equipment, our manufacturing scales with your needs. Order small batches for prototyping and ramp up production volume as you move through your product’s lifecycle. We specialize in high-quality, fast PCBAs for telecom, so you can focus on what matters: disruptive innovation. Get an instant quote today and see how MacroFab can make your ideas a reality.

The Telecom Industry Thrives on Innovation

You're constantly pushing boundaries, developing next-generation equipment that keeps the world connected.

But when it comes to PCBA manufacturing, those cutting-edge designs can hit a roadblock. MacroFab gets it. Here's what keeps you up at night:

ITAR Compliance

ITAR regulations add an extra layer of complexity to your manufacturing process. Finding qualified partners who understand these restrictions is tough.

Security Concerns

Sensitive data and intellectual property demand robust security protocols throughout manufacturing. Can you trust your current partner?

Quality & Speed

Telecom moves fast. You need a manufacturer who can deliver high-quality PCBAs without sacrificing speed.

Sourcing Challenges

The global supply chain is unpredictable. Can your partner navigate disruptions and ensure you get the components you need?

Keeping Up With Tech

5G and other emerging technologies require cutting-edge manufacturing expertise. Is your partner equipped to handle the latest advancements?


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  • ITAR-registered and compliant
  • SAM certified factories
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL Registered
  • ENIG, ENIPIG, and lead-free HASL surface finishes available
  • Rigid, Rigid-flex, single or double-sided PCBAs
  • Multilayer boards up to 36 layers
  • SoP (System on Package), Modular hardware, and Daughterboards supported
  • Thermal management expertise
  • EMI/EMC expertise
  • Experience with RF boards and wireless technologies
  • Box Build

Customer Case Studies

Somewear Labs

Somewear Labs Hotspot Onpack in Snow Somewear Labs Hotspot Onpack in Snow

MacroFab helped Somewear Labs understand and evaluate costs between two design options so they could quickly make the right business decision for their product launch.

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MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab prioritizes your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our assembly work for one year after manufacture. If you encounter a rare workmanship issue with your boards, we'll fix it free of charge. Our dedicated service team offers clear communication throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Your information remains 100% confidential, keeping your intellectual property secure.

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