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Choose Drone PCBA Manufacturing that Delivers Value

Get your drones into production faster and for less. MacroFab’s affordable PCBAs accelerate your success.

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Focus on Innovation, Not Production Headaches

MacroFab cuts through the turbulence and delivers the perfect solution for your demanding PCBA needs. We're not your average manufacturer. MacroFab’s seasoned team leverages years of experience to guarantee a smooth journey from concept to completion, and our intuitive platform grants complete transparency into the North American manufacturing process, easing concerns around sensitive IP and regulations, with no minimum order quantities and unlimited manufacturing capacity that’s ready when you are.

MacroFab delivers unmatched expertise, streamlined production, and domestic, flexible manufacturing options – all at a price that won't clip your wings. Bring your drone project to new heights with us.

You Need Reliable, High-Performance PCBAs

For Your Next-Generation Drone Prototype and Final Product

Navigating the manufacturing maze can leave you frustrated and clipped-winged. Budgetary constraints clash with demanding specs – miniature HDI boards, featherweight components, and rock-solid vibration resistance – pushing traditional manufacturers to their limits. Securing top-tier quality feels like a lottery, riddled with anxieties:

Will they understand the unforgiving flight environment – from bone-chilling mountain peaks to scorching desert heat?

Can their boards withstand the unrelenting stress of flight, ensuring flawless operation for extended missions?

Does their team possess the specialized knowledge to handle cutting-edge drone components and exhaustive quality checks?


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Capabilities Capabilities


  • ITAR-registered and compliant
  • SAM certified factories
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL registered
  • ENIG, ENIPIG, and lead-free HASL surface finishes available
  • Rigid, rigid-flex, single or double-sided PCBAs
  • Multilayer boards up to 36 layers
  • Experience with RF boards and wireless technologies
  • SoP (System on Package), modular hardware, and daughterboards supported
  • Box Build
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Customer Case Studies

Renu Robotics

Renu Robotics is transforming the way solar and energy facilities manage onsite vegetation through their all-electric autonomous mowers capable of maintaining huge land plots.

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MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab prioritizes your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our assembly work for one year after manufacture. If you encounter a rare workmanship issue with your boards, we'll fix it free of charge. Our dedicated service team offers clear communication throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Your information remains 100% confidential, keeping your intellectual property secure.

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