High-Performance PCB Assembly for the Defense Industry

Whether you need HDI, Rigid-Flex, or High-Temp boards for advanced defense projects, MacroFab delivers.

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Focus on Innovation, Not Production Headaches

MacroFab cuts through the red tape and delivers the perfect solution for your mission-critical PCBA needs. We're not your average manufacturer – our expert team leverages their vast experience (nearly a million boards built annually) to ensure flawless execution of your project, from HDI and Rigid-Flex to advanced heat management. Our powerful connected technology platform provides complete visibility into the North American manufacturing process, keeping your projects on track and giving you peace of mind when working on ITAR-restricted applications.

With no minimum order quantities and unlimited manufacturing capabilities, MacroFab delivers unmatched expertise, transparency, and domestic, flexible manufacturing options that are always right for you. Get started today with an instant quote.

The Pressure is On

Your next-gen defense project hinges on reliable, high-performance PCBAs.

Navigating the manufacturing maze can be a challenge. Tight deadlines clash with complex requirements – HDI boards, intricate Rigid-Flex designs, or finicky RF modules – pushing traditional manufacturers to their limits. Securing top-tier quality feels like a gamble, leaving you with nagging questions:

Will the manufacturer truly understand the demanding environmental conditions – like scorching deserts, freezing Arctic weather, or relentless ocean spray?

Will the board function flawlessly for its entire lifespan, making sure your critical systems never fail?

Does their team have the technical skill to keep up with defense technology, with all its specialized materials and quality checks?


Capabilities Capabilities


  • ITAR-registered and compliant
  • SAM certified factories
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL registered
  • ENIG, ENIPIG, and lead-free HASL surface finishes available
  • Rigid, rigid-flex, single or double-sided PCBAs
  • Multilayer boards up to 36 layers
  • SoP (System on Package), modular hardware, and daughterboards supported
  • Box Build, including cable and wire harness assemblies
Macrofab guarantee sm Macrofab guarantee sm

MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab prioritizes your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our assembly work for one year after manufacture. If you encounter a rare workmanship issue with your boards, we'll fix it free of charge. Our dedicated service team offers clear communication throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Your information remains 100% confidential, keeping your intellectual property secure.

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