Reliable PCBA Manufacturing for the Battery & EV Charger Industries

Get your cutting-edge batteries and EV chargers to market lightning fast with PCBAs from MacroFab's flexible platform and vast North American network.

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Focus on Innovation, Not Production Headaches

Whatever you're creating, whether industrial equipment, consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, vehicles, or security and monitoring equipment, MacroFab lets you concentrate on what matters most: creating the next generation of battery and EV charger technology.

Let us handle the complexities of PCBA manufacturing. Get an instant quote from MacroFab today and discover the future of flexible PCB assembly.

Change is Constant in the
Battery and Electric Vehicle Charger Industries

You need a manufacturing partner who can keep up.

Do you struggle with inflexible minimum orders, long lead times, or a lack of control over your production process? Do you worry about the quality of your PCBAs? MacroFab's revolutionary PCBA manufacturing platform eliminates those roadblocks. Traditional PCBA manufacturers often impose high minimum order quantities (MOQs) and rigid production schedules. This inflexibility can stifle innovation during critical prototyping stages that require validating charge profiles and battery compatibility, and slow down your time to market. MacroFab understands the unique needs of the battery and EV charger industry. We offer a high-tech, connected platform that allows you to:

Order Any Quantity, From One to Thousands

Prototype, iterate, and scale production seamlessly with our connected manufacturing platform. No more getting stuck with excess inventory or meeting minimum order requirements.

Instant Quotes & 24/7 Online Ordering

Get real-time pricing and place orders at your convenience, accelerating your design cycle and keeping projects on track. Monitor your PCBA orders in real-time, from quote to delivery, with complete transparency and control over your manufacturing process.

Unlimited Scalability with Our North American Factory Network

Ramp up production effortlessly as demand grows. Our geographically distributed factory network ensures capacity and reduces potential disruptions.

Expertise in Batteries, Chargers, and EV

With our extensive experience in the battery and EV charger industry, we can ensure your PCBAs meet the unique requirements of your applications, including high voltage and power testing.


Capabilities Capabilities


  • ITAR-registered and compliant
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IPC-A-610 standards
  • UL registered
  • Rigid, Rigid-flex, single or - double-sided PCBAs
  • HDI capabilities
  • Through-hole and SMT assembly available
  • Controlled impedance expertise
  • Aluminum Core PCB material and other exotic PCB materials
  • Box Build, including cable and wire harness assembly
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MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab prioritizes your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our assembly work for one year after manufacture. If you encounter a rare workmanship issue with your boards, we'll fix it free of charge. Our dedicated service team offers clear communication throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Your information remains 100% confidential, keeping your intellectual property secure.

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